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SHOWCARS 4 KIDS is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to our youth education and future. As a Police Officer working in Crime Prevention I saw the need to grasp the youth's attention to educate them on continuing their education and the dangers of Drugs and Alcohol. After competing in car shows and racing events for years I noticed at these events you can find both kids and adults of all walks of life nationalities and backgrounds getting along and sharing a common interest "THE CARS". So with the support several friends from numerous car clubs around Texas we started working on combining our love for cars with educational programs for the youth. In 1999 SHOWCARS 4 KIDS became an active working organization funded solely by donations and volunteers. In 2001 as a Police Officer I became a member of a non-profit organization called BEAT THE HEAT INC. (BTH).

BTH is a "Cops and Kids" oriented program, which brings the young people together with the Police Officers who are there to help them. It gives both groups an opportunity to closely interact with each other so that each group can learn from the other things that will really make a difference for both groups in the community.

The theme of our program is "RACING FOR EDUCATION". Three of our four goals state specifically a goal of some kind of education. Many of the problems of our society today stem from the fact that many people are lacking in education. We can only make an attempt with the adults to get them to use their heads and think before they do something. However, we CAN get the attention of the young people and they are very capable of learning. We try to encourage those young people to STAY IN SCHOOL AND OFF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL.

In 2001 the members of BEAT THE HEAT INC. continued to work with many thousands of young people all over the United States and Canada. They went to more schools, did more displays and contacted over 1,304,000 kids. In 2000 The Beat the Heat World Finals was held in Bowling Green, Kentucky where we had the largest collection of drag racing police cars ever assembled. In 2001 Membership grew to over 300 members in 30 states, 2 Canadian Provinces and one member from Mexico. The World Finals was held at the Texas Motorplex on Sept. 15 2001 in Ennis, TX.

BEAT THE HEAT INC. and SHOWCARS 4 KIDS also offers alternative extra-curricular activity for those youngsters who may not be able to make the sports teams in high school. Handicap Drag Racing is a sport in which ANYONE who can drive can participate on a fair and equal basis with everyone else. Your only limitation is your own ability to learn the technique and DO IT! SHOWCARS 4 KIDS Has programs to educate the youngest of kids about 911, Stranger Danger, stereo typing and continuing education. We work with youth in Middle schools and JR Highs on Juvenile Laws, stereotyping, Drug, Alcohol and Gang awareness programs. With High School and young Adults we work on Dangers of Drugs, Alcohol and DUIs and street racing. We stress hard that by continuing their education they can follow their dreams to become what they want. We encourage young adults to follow their dreams but take responsibility for their own actions